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Welcome to new improved Easy Bootstrap Shortcode Plugin. We have implemented number of new functionalities based on our clients feedback.


Template Option

Multilingual Option

What's New

New Page Scroll Popout Shortcode

New Scroll Popout Shortcode, now you can add popout on page scroll, you can set on how much scroll( in %age) you want to show up the popout.

New Rainy Effect Option

New rainy effect option in images shortcode to show rain drops on images.

New Blurry Effect Shortcode

New shortcode to create blurry effect on images and content.

New improved design

New improved, attractive and easy to use design

New Shortcode Button Location

New option to show shortcode button at top of editor to insert shortcode both in visual& text mode

Help on the fly included

New improved help while creating a shortcode, on shortcode screen tooltip help, help tab, and one full help page in settings

New preview option

New preview option, to check how your new shortcode will look like on frontend, and can make the changes as per requirements. This will save lot of time.

Customizable Bootstrap grid

Option to Customize number of bootstrap columns, and it will automatically adjust columns shortcode based on the grid settings

Custom shortcode prefix and backward compatibility option

As user install many plugins o there WP site, so it may happen that some other shortcode conflict with our plugin, so we have provided the option to change the shortcode prefix. At the same time we have provided the option for backward compatibility means if you inserted some shortcodes using prefix 'ebs_' and after that you changed the prefix to 'test', in that case the old shortcodes will not get parse, but don't worry here you have option to select for which prefix you want to parse.

New animation shortcode

Now no need to add columns shortcode to add animation, as we have new animation shortcode, which enables user to add animation to any content.

New servicebox style

New service box style to show circular box at top which can be set to center, left or right. You can set the radius of box, color, hover color etc.

New search option

As the list of shortcodes is growing, some of our users facing issue in finding the required shortcode. So we have resolved this issue by implementing the new Search Option, here user can search for the required shortcode using some common tags such as toggle, accordion or faq tags can be used to find the accordion shortcode. Hope our users will enjoy this functionality.

New template option

As requested by many users to create functionality where they can save the templates so that they don't need to create same shortcode again and again. So we take the challenge and have implemented this new functionality.
  • Now user can save any shortcode as template for later use
  • Can edit existing templates
  • Can delete existing templates

Multilingual support

EBS-Pro now support the multilingual sites, right now we have not provided the language files for all language, but we are working on it and will give regular updates on this.

New jumbortron shortcode

There is one more addition to the awesome shortcodes, we have implemented the Jumbotron Shortcode .

New badges shortcode

Another new member to the awesome shortcodes family is Badges Shortcode, you can use these to highlight the numbers such as number of mails, messages, notifications etc.

New modal shortcode

We have also implemented the most awaited shortcode to add Modal Window, For this we have done changes in the existing Button Shortcode means we have given few more setting to attach modal to button.

Improved video shortcode

Video Shortcode is also improved, now you can add responsive video by selecting the different ratios or you can also give the custom size.

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin compatibility

Compatibility issue with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin is resolved, now you can use both plugins.

EBS-PRO have following shortcodes

Click here for demo
  • Accordion
  • Animation
  • Blur
  • Boxframe
  • Buttons
  • Button Dropdown
  • Button Group
  • Button Group Toolbar
  • Columns
  • Custom Post Testimonial
  • Description List
  • Drop Caps
  • Google Map
  • Highlights
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Icons
  • Icon Heading
  • Image Effects
  • Labels
  • Lead
  • List
  • Notification
  • Page Header
  • Panel
  • Popover
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Bars
  • Responsive Image
  • Recent Post
  • Recent Work
  • Section Heading
  • Separator
  • Service Box
  • Social Links
  • Tables
  • Tabs
  • Testimonial
  • Tooltip
  • Video
  • Vertical Spacing
  • Well
  • Widgets
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User Reviews

Perfect !
I recently bought this and it's just perfect and complete! A buy without hesitation

Version 5.5

  • Update
    • UImplemented the option to set either automatically check for plugin new version or not.

Version 5.4

  • Fixes
    • FResolved the conflict with Newsletter Plugin.

Version 5.3

  • Update
    • UChanged session based css to file based css.

Version 5.2

  • Fixes
    • FResolved the 404 error for dynamic CSS.

Version 5.1

  • Fixes
    • FResolved adding multiple backslashes to custom CSS while saving issue.

Version 5.0

  • New Features
    • NNew Wrapper Shortcode.
  • Fixes
    • FFixed the google map issue.

Version 4.8

  • Fixes
    • FFixed the conflict between the EBS-Pro and Participants Database Plugin.

Version 4.7

  • Fixes
    • FFixed duplicate function error.

Version 4.6

  • Fixes
    • FFixed Tabs Shortcode nested tabs issue.

Version 4.5

  • Fixes
    • FCustom class issue for Thumbnail/Responsive Image Shortcode.

Version 4.4

  • Update
    • UUpdated the Accordion Shortcode to support Sparkling Theme.

Version 4.3

  • Update
    • UUpdated the Tabs Shortcode to support Sparkling Theme.

Version 4.2

  • Fixes
    • FResolved issue of templates came after Wordpress 4.5 release.

Version 4.1

  • New Features
    • NNew Popout on Page Scroll Shortcode.

Version 4.0

  • New Features
    • NThree new skins + one default skin for plugin popup.
    • NOne new sample home page using BS-Pro shortcodes.
    • N10+ predefined shortcode templates for Buttons.
    • N3 predefined shortcode templates for Pricing Tables.
    • N5+ predefined shortcode templates for Progressbars.
    • N1 predefined shortcode templates for Tabs.
    • N5+ predefined shortcode templates for Columns.
  • Fixes
    • FResolved the widget issue for latest WP.

Version 3.9

  • Fixes
    • FResolved custom CSS issue.

Version 3.8

  • New Features
    • NNew Blur Shortcode
    • NNew Rainy Effect for Images.
  • Fixes
    • FResolved the tabs shortcode issue.

Version 3.7

  • Fixes
    • FResolved the reported Disable theme customization settings after plugin activation issue

Version 3.6

  • Fixes
    • FResolved the reported editor icon issue

Version 3.5

  • Update
    • UResolved conflict with Page Builder Plugin
  • Fixes
    • FResolved the Google Map Location issue reported

Version 3.4

  • New Features
    • NWordpress 4.0 ready
    • NFontawesome icons updated to latest version.
    • NUpdated to Twitter Bootstrap 3.2
  • Fixes
    • FPage update on preview issue is resolved

Version 3.3

  • New Features
    • NNew option to save template
    • NNow support multilingual sites.
    • NNew jumbotron shortcode added.
    • NNew badges shortcode added.
    • NNew model shortcode added.
    • NImproved video shortcode to make it responsive.
  • Fixes
    • F Now compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields Plugin
    • F Resolved the recursive update issue.

Version 3.2

  • New Features
    • NNew search box to search shortcodes based on tags
    • NNew vertical space shortcode added

Version 3.1

  • New Features
    • NNew service box style added
    • NNew options in tabs shortcode to set background color, tabs color etc.
  • Fixes
    • F Post redirect to preview page issue resolved
    • F Alert box removed

Version 3.0

  • New Features
    • NNew improved design
    • NNew Shortcode Button Location
    • NThree type of help included
    • NNew option for preview
    • NCustom shortcode prefix and backward compatibility option
    • NNew animation shortcode
    • NNew linear and circular progress bars
    • NNew effects in slider

Version 2.6

  • Update
    • UWordpress 3.9 ready

Version 2.5

  • New Features
    • NNew responsive slider
    • NNew style pricing tables with more options to configure
    • NAnimation effects for columns
    • NNew carousel shortcode
    • NSupport custom bootstrap grids such as 12 columns, 24 columns or n columns
    • NCustom class for every column for all screens in Columns Shortcode.
    • NNew option in tabs shortcode, now you can set More button on/off, set different style for different screens
    • NNew options in accordion, to add custom icons, color and open close icon
    • NCustom content pagination for pages, customize pagination style it in your way for page using page metabox
  • Fixes
    • F Redesigned page header shortcodes
    • F Few Boxframe shortcode issues fixed

Version 2.0