August 3, 2014

How to install WordPress Plugin?


WordPress plugins are used to provide the additional functionality to your website. There are three different ways to install plugin.


Install a Plugin using Search Method

Out of these three methods, this is the easiest method of installing plugin provided you want to install plugin from WordPress plugin directory. That means you can use this method to only free plugins which are available in WordPress plugin directory. You have to follow these steps

1. login to admin panel and click on Plugins » Add New. A new screen as follow will appear, where you have to enter the plugin name and press Search Button.

2. After search you will get the list of plugin with two links Details and Install Now, based on your search string. Here you have to click the Install Now link for the Plugin you want to install. As soon as you click on the Install Now Link a popup will appear to confirm if you are sure to install plugin? click OK Button if you are sure


3. You will see following kind of screen.

Hey!! wait we are not done yet.. You have to make sure that you have clicked the Activate Plugin Link.

Install a Plugin using Upload Method

Use this method if you already have the plugin zip file. Follow these steps

1. Login to admin panel and Click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the Upload Link. You will see the following screen, here you have to browse the zip file and click upload button

2. After upload you will see the following screen

Plugin is installed now, but to view plugin in action you have to activate the plugin. You can do this just by clicking the Activate Plugin link on above screen.

Install Plugin using FTP Method

In case you are not aware of what FTP is? then we advise don’t use this method. You have to connect your hosting server using FTP Manager. Access path /wp-content/plugins/ and upload the plugin folder.

After upload you will see new plugin name in the plugins list. Here you have to click the Activate Link to activate the plugin.


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