May 29, 2015

How to resolve the menu issue due to EBS?

In case you are using Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin, you must configure it properly. Otherwise it can cause conflicts. We have provided the settings page which deals all the issues such as menu conflicts, page disorder etc. You have to try the different configurations and set which is perfect for your site.

Following are few settings which mostly work

For Non-bootstrap Themes: One of the common issue is, many users use EBS on non bootstrap theme and it destroy there site layout. To resolve this issue you have to select the non-bootstrap theme option on the settings page.

Already bootstrap theme: Some time users have a bootstrap theme where they have custom css and js for the theme, so here they have to use the option User from theme or any other plugin

Easy Bootstrap Plugin configuration

In case you have any issue while using it, please use our support forum.

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