Layers – Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Widget

Layers – Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Widget


Check Demo URL, you will love this plugin for the features it provide

Responsive Columns

Columns functionality is already provided by the layers, but there are number of thing which you will not get there, such as
  • What if you want to hide columns based on screen size like large, medium, small and extra small.
  • How to set offset screen wise?
  • How to hide/show full row based on the screen?
  • How to set different column size screen wise?
If you have all these queries then this plugin is for you.


New feature to save the shortcode template so that you don't need to create the same shortcode again and again.

Client Reviews


Version 1.6
  • Now support nested shortcodes
  • New columns shortcodes
Version 1.5
  • Implemented option to save templates to reuse the shortcode
Version 1.1
  • Implemented the tooltip
  • Implemented new Service Box Shortcode
  • Implemented new Thumbnail Shortcode
  • Implemented new Sectionhead Shortcode
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