How to activate EBS-Pro plugin?

Thanks for the purchase of Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Pro Plugin. First of all download the PRO plugin from the link provided in the purchase receipt. Install the PRO plugin to your wordpress site. Now deactivate the EBS plugin if installed, and activate the EBS-Pro plugin. After installing and activating the EBS-Pro plugin follow these steps […]

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How to resolve the menu issue due to EBS?

In case you are using Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin, you must configure it properly. Otherwise it can cause conflicts. We have provided the settings page which deals all the issues such as menu conflicts, page disorder etc. You have to try the different configurations and set which is perfect for your site. Following are few […]

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How to create objects/associative array in Javascript?

We can create the simple object as follow, lets create the object to save student data such as name, marks var stu_obj = {} ; stu_obj.name = ‘Sam’; stu_obj.marks = ‘85%’; alert(stu_obj.name); alert(stu_obj.marks); or var obj = {name:’Sam’, marks: ‘85%’}; alert(obj.name); alert(obj.marks); what if you have to add new attributes to this object, we can […]

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